Company Registration

Registration Form

A company needs

At least one director Does not need to reside in UK

At least one shareholder Can be an individual, trustee or company

Details of people with significant control i.e. Anyone with more than 25% shares or voting rights

What to expect

5-10 minutes to complete application Save and resume at any time.

Company Number + documents delivered via email within 2-3 minutes

£17.99 for Company Number + Documents Including all Companies House & legal fees and VAT

What you will need

Details of the New Company Company Name & Address

Structure of the New Company Directors & Shareholders

Personal Details for Directors/Shareholders Full Name, Birth Details & Address

Get Started

Company Name

Help with choosing a company name

Once you have decided on a name enter it into the box to the left. Click the "check availability" button to see if the company name is available.

A company name search will present three outcomes:

Guidelines for choosing a name:

  • Do not choose company names that include reserved words. Words such as ANZAC, QUEEN and BANK require special consent from the relevant parties.
  • Do not use offensive words as these will be rejected
  • Words not found in the Macquarie dictionary will not be rejected, however they will flag your order for manual approval. An application can only be approved during business hours, so this may delay your application.
  • For more about choosing a company name and for a full list of reserved keywords see the ASIC naming document.

Company Name Availability


This process may take up to 30 seconds, if it does not load after that please try again.

Identical Business Name

NOTE: The company name, is identical to an existing business name (). You will need to answer a few questions to verify you own this business name. If you do not own this business name, please choose another company name.

Business Name Registration Details

Please enter the business name registration number for each state the business name is registered in:

Name Reservation

NOTE: The company name, is currently reserved with an ASIC Form 410. You will need to provide details of this reservation below. If you did not reserve this name, please choose another company name.